You Can Pick Your Friends, And You Can Pick Your Platform...

Due to some recent revelations about direction at Canonical, I've started to worry that if I continue writing in C and SDL that the games I'm working on will never see the light of day, so I'm going to switch over to HTML5 and Javascript.

To do that I have to dust off the ol' web developer books, and for practice I'm throwing together stupid little booger-pages like this one.

Maybe what that means is, once I get my games moved over, people could also play them as they're being developed. o_o;

Hey BW Wake The F*** Up

I've been ignoring my game lately, mainly due to an enormous backlog of Humble Bundle games. Now that I've beaten Aquaria and Waking Mars, I took some time today to write code to enable animation from a script. So far, it's working pretty well. I probably should have picked a day that I was a lot more awake than I am, though. :P

I debated the relative benefits of splitting frames up into separate surfaces versus having a single large surface for the entire frameset, and I ended up going for individual surfaces. The memory use of one versus the other is relatively the same, the blit speed should be the same, but one large frameset requires more work on the user's end to make a working animation.

The other bit I've been doing is some simple code to get basic information in and out of TCL code from the C engine, such as what image an element is going to display, and the location the element is at. I've probably got just enough brainpower to do an image translation function for motion, but we'll see when I give out.

Test Crosspost

Since I'm posting most of my game-writing updates on CC, I decided it might be nice to turn on cross-posting for LJ and Twitter.

I have no idea what this thing will do if I post pictures or video, so your mileage may vary on these...


Oh, hey LJ. Sup?

You know that game I've been writing? I put up a screenshot from the title screen today.

(Yes, I know my artwork sucks the hanar's jagon. Thank you for that useful feedback, internet.)

Anyhow, with the basics for graphics and animation down, I can start working on interesting stuff, like making the script engine able to do useful work, and putting clickable menu items up. I could probably use a decent story writer, too. It kinda sucks only being good at coding because the rest of the game isn't any good so it feels half-assed. Now I know how From Software feels!!! :P
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Evil Crayon

So if I post Every Other Day That Counts As Alive, Right?

Not much to talk about today, Ell Jay - I found this website Free Music that has a bunch of creative-commons licensed songs on it, which I think I'll raid for music for those games I mentioned that I'm working on.

Otherwise, it's boring until Saturday - once I'm done with the last part of the black belt test hopefully I'll have some pictures worth posting.
Azumanga Sparta

Well, that's half of it right there

So, I'm back from my black belt run finally and cleaned up (PHEW) so I can post about it.

Here's what runkeeper said:

Just completed a 8.67 mi run with RunKeeper
Duration 1:55:21 | Calories Burned 2234
Average Pace 13:18 / mi | Average Speed 4.51 mph | Elevation Climb 6086 ft

So, people told me this was a mostly flat run. 6086 feet is flat? Uhhhhhno. That's what, one mile vertically? Geez. And at the beginning of mile 7 my knees started giving out and aching like a son of a bitch, and by 8 I just wanted to keel over and diiiie. I'm dreading tomorrow when the actual *pain* sets in from doing this.

So glad it's over, but it was totally worth it. And I'll have to do it again when my friends test - moral support, yanno - but that'll probably be in January or so. Then I can freeze my balls off too. LOL o_O