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The wording... o_O

So Mother Jones has an exclusive interview with Bryce Tierney, a longtime friend of Jared Lee Loughner, the person accused of opening fire in Arizona, killing 6 people and wounding Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. The story is interesting in and of itself - the shooter sounds like a genuine lunatic - but then it says
two counts of unlawfully killing a federal employee

Uhh, what? Isn't that usually called murder? Or is there some lawful way?

Anyway, Loughner sounds like an all-out crazy, and I doubt that he could have been talked out of doing what he did, so I don't really blame his friend for not answering the phone. But it does make me wonder, too. I also wonder if maybe this friend feels like he has a little of that blood on his hands because of it.

It's also disappointing that the comments in these posts are all basically idealogues finger-pointing at each other, in an effort to pin this guy's actions on some political group. He's not a terrorist - terrorists claim responsibility for acts like this, and nobody has or will - he's just a complete lunatic. But, America is so heavily invested in the whole OMG U TERRIST crap that it's almost impossible to talk about crime outside of those terms.
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