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Apple wants a cut of your ebook

Like reading your Kindle ebooks on your iPad? Well, Apple would prefer it if you paid *them* for that book, too:
Apple confirmed Tuesday that it would require app developers that sell e-books outside of their iPad and iPhone apps — through a Web site, for example — to also sell the books inside those apps. And purchases that originate in the app must be made through Apple, which keeps a 30 percent cut.

It's pretty obvious that the vast majority of Kindle book purchases are going to be impulse purchases through the Amazon store on the device itself. (Not so for the Sony reader, since most of them don't have any wireless interface, but they're only a tiny part of the ereader market.) I'm not entirely sure that this move is even legal, but even if it is, charging a 30% markup on every ebook sold by *someone else* is completely a dick move.

It's basically the same as if BMW upcharged you 30% of your tab at McDonalds because you had the privilege of driving theiryour car through the drive-thru rather than parking.

Shit like this makes me glad I've got a Sony reader (linux-based and hackable!) and get 90% of my books from People tend to forget about books when they diss RIAA-style behavior, despite book publishers behaving largely the same way towards writers that labels treat musicians - and we get about the same level of drek in written form that we get in audio, too. Go give a creative-commons book a hug today. You might be surprised how good they can be.
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