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The Humble Frozenbyte Bundle

It's time for yet another Humble Bundle! Set your own price for these games:

Shadowgrounds: Survivor
Jack Claw

This time a couple of them aren't quite finished, so you'll be preordering Splot and getting the prototype source code for Jack Claw. As always, you can define exactly how you want your money split up, and you can also give some of the money to the EFF and Penny Arcade's Child's Play charity.

Also as usual, Linux users are paying more than twice the average amount that Windows users are, despite Windows being over 50% of the actual sales. Us Linuxers have more money because we're not wasting it on overpriced software, antivirus apps, and forced paid upgrades. :P

OH, I ALMOST FORGOT! This time you also get keys for Steam, Desura, or OnLive, if you prefer to get your games via a downloading platform.
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