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I really ought to appreciate it more I guess

So some guy on LinkedIn cold-friends me, and I accept (which I usually do on there because I'm a pretty nice bitch, really) and sends me this INCREDIBLE JOB OPPORTUNITY!!! mail, presumably because of my linux background, and the mail is obviously something that their HR people copied out of a textbook, and it includes not one but three forms for me to fill out if I'm interested (in this still-undescribed INCREDIBLE JOB OPPORTUNITY!!!).

All of which are Microsoft Word documents with macros.

Yeah guys, I can toooootally tell you read what I put up on there. Next time you're gonna grep out the word "linux" and mailbomb people with the list, please use a little forethought and send out a format that said people might actually be able to use.
Tags: thank you microsoft, tldr, wow you suck
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