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LOL Sarowned :O

Fox News runs a picture of Tina Fey playing Sarah Palin instead of an actual picture of Sarah, and hilarity ensues.

Best comment ever:
The FOX News graphics dept. staff was told to find a digital image of Palin which conveys intelligence, wit, and charm ... and this was the only photo in their archives that fit the bill.

Still cleaning the coffee off my desk after that one. XD

Also: Apparently you can buy a life-sized cardboard stand-up of Sarah. Not sure why it's not inflatable instead. $30 seems kinda steep for paper instead of plastic. :P

Still, I shouldn't diss her too bad. She could solve the US power crisis all by herself, if only someone made wind-power generator headphones. That's a lot of air in there, yanno. :P
Tags: comments are better than article, faux news, lol internet
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