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you mean big post

Why hello LJ, I've been ignoring you lately. Forgive me. As a token of my goodwill I offer these random thoughts.

If Nintendo really wanted to spur 3DS sales, they'd license Angry Birds and write a 3D version where you launch them INTO the screen instead of sideways. Easily licensed, easily coded, and fadtastic.

The Move port of No More Heroes is pretty good. I put it aside though to pound my way through Resistance 3, but now that that's done with, time to go back. In related news, Genki Rockets put their second CD out a couple of weeks ago, and air mail isn't fast enough these days.

One of my old high-school classmates keeps posting these sad stories about this 5-year-old girl who just died from brain cancer. Of course they're all heavily Christian-laden "oh she's with God now" BS. A Good god wouldn't have invented cancer. :P

Spidey and friends first hit thirty years ago on this date. Like I didn't feel old enough already! I used to watch this show damn-near religiously. Now I get to thank the internet for stuff like this. LOL hotty. :P

This morning I ran across one Edward Lee on Feedbooks. Now I don't know if his books are any good or not, but judging by the descriptions, how can someone crank out a stack of sex-gore-and-monster-laden trashy novels this high and still charge $5 a pop for them, while actually original stories can't even get a little attention from a publisher?

Lastly, happy birthday mature, I know it's not for a day or two but I'll forget otherwise. :P
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