BroWren (browren) wrote,

Well, that's half of it right there

So, I'm back from my black belt run finally and cleaned up (PHEW) so I can post about it.

Here's what runkeeper said:

Just completed a 8.67 mi run with RunKeeper
Duration 1:55:21 | Calories Burned 2234
Average Pace 13:18 / mi | Average Speed 4.51 mph | Elevation Climb 6086 ft

So, people told me this was a mostly flat run. 6086 feet is flat? Uhhhhhno. That's what, one mile vertically? Geez. And at the beginning of mile 7 my knees started giving out and aching like a son of a bitch, and by 8 I just wanted to keel over and diiiie. I'm dreading tomorrow when the actual *pain* sets in from doing this.

So glad it's over, but it was totally worth it. And I'll have to do it again when my friends test - moral support, yanno - but that'll probably be in January or so. Then I can freeze my balls off too. LOL o_O
Tags: pskk, shit i did, taekwondo
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