BroWren (browren) wrote,

Hey BW Wake The F*** Up

I've been ignoring my game lately, mainly due to an enormous backlog of Humble Bundle games. Now that I've beaten Aquaria and Waking Mars, I took some time today to write code to enable animation from a script. So far, it's working pretty well. I probably should have picked a day that I was a lot more awake than I am, though. :P

I debated the relative benefits of splitting frames up into separate surfaces versus having a single large surface for the entire frameset, and I ended up going for individual surfaces. The memory use of one versus the other is relatively the same, the blit speed should be the same, but one large frameset requires more work on the user's end to make a working animation.

The other bit I've been doing is some simple code to get basic information in and out of TCL code from the C engine, such as what image an element is going to display, and the location the element is at. I've probably got just enough brainpower to do an image translation function for motion, but we'll see when I give out.
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